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Air Max

Nail dust collector with Hepa filter Air Max Panther 2 in 1 Silver

Nail dust collector with Hepa filter Air Max Panther 2 in 1 Silver

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Air Max Pantera 2 in 1 Filter Manicure Hood - This hood has excellent features and a thoughtful design.

A feature of this model is the possibility of use for both manicure and pedicure, because it has a tripod attachment.

It is distinguished by an increased area for capturing sawdust, as well as quiet operation thanks to a new housing design.

The body is made of dense plastic with an excellent design.

A German engine that produces even less noise thanks to a new design.

It is equipped with a metal grid on magnets and a Korean filter.

A powerful table hood with a HEPA filter is the key to comfortable and safe work for the craftsman.

The AIR MAX hood has received wide recognition not only in Ukraine, but also abroad in the CIS countries, the EU and America.

Air Max Pantera manicure hood with filter is a 2-in-1 hood

Air Max Panther is the perfect dust killer, obedient only to you.

Features of the Air Max Pantera:

  • Power 66 W.
  • German engine.
  • Korean filter.
  • Suction capacity - 800 cubic meters per hour.
  • Type: 2 in 1, desktop/pedicure.
  • Dimensions: width 32 cm, length 23.5 cm, height 9.5 cm.
  • Smooth start after 4-6 seconds after switching on.
  • Noise level from 28 to 62 dB.
  • The adapter is built into the case.
  • Filter in the set 1 pc.
  • The warranty is 12 months.


How to take care of the Air Max hood filter, basic rules:

  • Do not wet the filter.
  • If small particles get stuck in the fiber, it is recommended to clean it with a narrow brush.
  • Under the condition of a full loaded day, the filter is enough for 2-3 months. If necessary, the filter can be purchased additionally on our website.

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