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Patrisa Nail

Patrisa Nail Gypsy Gel Grass, 5g

Patrisa Nail Gypsy Gel Grass, 5g

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Glitter design gels Gypsy Gel by Patrisa Nail are the ultimate accents and fashionable designs!

Gypsy Gel - different-sized glitters of various shapes, shimmering and sparkling with an attractive holographic sheen!

They look incredible in stretching under a milk base or milk gel, as well as in a gentle gradient directly on the color!

Gypsy Gel is available in 4 unusual shades:

Flower - bright pink opal polyhedrons of different sizes with a holographic effect in a delicate veil pink base

Star - faintest silvery blue stars and polyhedrons with shining holographic effect in unique veil transparent blue base 

Grass - trendy green shade of different sized polyhedrons with holographic effect in crystal clear base

Forest - forest dark green shade with holographic glow in crystal-transparent base

Gypsy Gel is suitable for use in combination with both hard gel and gel polish materials! It is removable by peeling.

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