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Patrisa Nail

Patrisa Nail Builder Base, 16 ml

Patrisa Nail Builder Base, 16 ml

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Patrisa Nail offers a totally new way of perceiving gel-polishes’ base coats. We present an innovative development: Builder Basis, which combines the features of the base and modeling coats.
Builder Basis is a high-viscosity elastic base coat which facilitates the flattening of the nail plate and creates ideal glistening due to excellent self-flattening properties.

It is also a modeling base coat that is susceptible to filing and forming the nail architecture, allowing, if necessary, to build up to 7 mm to the nail edge.

It is an easily soluble base coat compatible with any Patrisa Nail gel-polishes and a strengthening agent that can be engaged as an independent coat, a transparent gel-polish with an ideal gloss.

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