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Dark Medium Potal Gel 04, 15 ml (without brush)

Dark Medium Potal Gel 04, 15 ml (without brush)

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DARK Medium Potal Gel №04 - since it contains glitter, it has a thicker consistency (!)

- rubber base gel consistency

- not very thin, which allows you to work with long nails

- Not thick, so it quickly self-levels

- low temperature, so it does not cause strong burning in the lamp

- strong

Features of work:

1. We prepare the nail plate with a file of 180/240 grt (pterygium, remover, moisture should not remain on the nail)

2. Degrease well

3. For adhesion, apply Dark Scotch base (or any other Rubber Base) in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and to the side ridges.

Remove the sticky layer from the Dark Scotch base before applying the gel.

4. Strengthen or model nails with Dark Medium Gel

! After polymerization, they may have a viscous sticky layer, which is recommended to be removed before color / top.

* IF WE PERFORM strengthening - be sure to file your nail at least 1 mm from the inside, so that there is no peeling from the free edge.

All DARK solid materials are NOT acidic

‼️IMPORTANT: The gels come with a shimmer, before use you need to mix the contents of the jar well, because the glitters settle.

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