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Dark Smart Builder Gel 19, 22 ml

Dark Smart Builder Gel 19, 22 ml

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How does SMART differ from previous Builder gels?

☑️A slightly thinner consistency, at the same time - it is firm!

☑️ does not have a viscous sticky layer

☑️ you can not remove the sticky layer from the base before applying

☑️no need to remove the sticky layer before the top

☑️ minimal risk of exfoliation

SMART GEL is a medium-thick, self-leveling gel.

⁃ gel is convenient to work with both long and short nails

⁃ high-temperature, so it can be pressed well, but burning may occur in the lamp

⁃ we recommend drying on low power and removing your hand in case of burning

⁃ strong, but at the same time not fragile

Features of work:

1. Prepare the nail plate with a file of 180/240 grit

2. Degrease well

3. For adhesion, apply Dark Scotch base (or any other Rubber Base) in a thin layer to the entire nail plate close to the cuticle and to the side ridges.

4. Strengthen or model nails with Dark Builder Gel:

* the cuticle should have a smooth transition and not a thick layer

*with nails without length, it is recommended to work in the technique "with edges", so that there is not a thin end

*recommended end thickness 0.7 mm

5. The polymerization time is 60 seconds, at a power of 48 W

* IF WE PERFORM strengthening - be sure to file your nail at least 1 mm from the inside so that there is no peeling from the free edge.

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