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Dark Ultrabond, 10 ml

Dark Ultrabond, 10 ml

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Acid-free ultrabond for nails Dark Ultrabond performs the function of fixing the nail plate with the base in manicure, without disturbing the natural acid balance and without creating additional thickness.
The absence of acid makes it suitable for thin and sensitive nails.

Ultrabond should be applied with a brush, with light rubbing movements, not reaching areas of the skin by 1 mm, strictly covering the nail plate, but not flooding it.
The drug dries in the air for 30 seconds, it is not necessary to use a lamp.
Ultrabond Dark removes excess moisture from the nail plate without overdrying it, and also provides additional strength.

Features of ultrabond for nails Dark Ultrabond:
suitable for weak and thin nails;
comfortable to apply;
provides reliable adhesion;
does not damage nails;
volume — 10 ml.

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