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Dnka Acryl Gel #0001 Glass (clear), 30 ml

Dnka Acryl Gel #0001 Glass (clear), 30 ml

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Acryl Gel is a versatile material that allows easy modeling on templates or molds, providing a very natural look and correcting the architecture of natural nails. With this product, you can easily strengthen and restore your nails, as well as repair damaged edges or cracks. Its soft, self-leveling consistency makes it easy to work with and reduces the need for over-pollination. It is easily distributed on the surface using a soft brush and a special liquid and does not cause burning during polymerization. Leaves a light tacky layer after curing. The collection contains 8 of the most popular shades.

Application technology:
1) Perform standard nail preparation: remove the previous coating, buff the surface, give the nails the desired shape and perform a manicure.
2) Apply DNKa' Ultrabond - an acid-free primer for added adhesion.
3) Apply a layer of DNKa' Rubber/Fiber Base using rubbing movements. Cure in a UV lamp for 1 minute, LED/hybrid lamp for 30 seconds.
4) Using a spatula or an orange stick, take the required amount of DNKa' Acryl Gel and place it on the nail.
5) Using a brush soaked in degreaser, distribute the material over the nail plate with smoothing movements until it is perfectly smooth. If necessary, blot excess liquid on the brush with a lint-free or paper napkin.
6) Polymerize in a UV lamp – 2 minutes, LED/hybrid lamp – 60 seconds. Remove the dispersion layer with a degreaser.
7) If necessary, we pollinate. After which the nail is ready to be coated with DNKa' Cover Base / DNKa' Builder Gel / DNKa' Gel Polish or DNKa' Top.
8) Be sure to cut out the nail from the inside. It is enough to cut out even 1 mm for perfect wearing of this coating.
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