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Dnka Cover Top Perfomance, 12 ml

Dnka Cover Top Perfomance, 12 ml

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This is a collection of camouflage tops without a sticky layer with delicate wonderful shades. Perfectly conceal irregularities and defects of the nail plate, which saves time during the manicure procedure.

Suitable for use as a stand-alone coating or to create depth of shade on nude colors. Has a medium consistency, self-leveling well. Provides decorative manicure with the necessary level of resistance and durability, protects from damage, allows you to quickly and efficiently create a good manicure.

Camouflage tops have visual features that are in line with current trends:

- when applied over a clear coat, provides a light nude effect;

- on saturated colors it evens out the tone;

- can be applied in different ways: a thin layer or a thicker, smoothing layer.

Volume: 12 ml


After applying the gel-lacquer system, cover the entire surface of the nail plate with topcoat thin or leveling layer, depending on the desired effect), sealing the end.

Polymerize in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy effect. Allow to cool after curing.

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