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Glue for rhinestones 2in1 Vogue Nails

Glue for rhinestones 2in1 Vogue Nails

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Strong and reliable glue for rhinestones and other three-dimensional design.

The system consists of two components: glue and glue fixative.
Method of application: glue is applied to the prepared nail surface (after coating with a top) with an orange stick.
We lay out the design (rhinestones, broths, metal fittings, etc.).
We spray the glue fixative. You can do an intermediate ""drying"" with a fixer. In conclusion, remove the cloudy layer of the fixative with a degreaser.
The glue does not polymerize in the lamp. Freezes in the air for several minutes. The glue fixator accelerates the solidification process up to several seconds.

P.S. Since the specified volume of the fastener corresponds to 15 ml of glue, and the volume of the glue bottle has a volume of 30 ml, it is half full.
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