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Luna Rubber Base Transparent, 30 ml

Luna Rubber Base Transparent, 30 ml

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Rubber base is a universal elastic, transparent base for straightening nails.


  • Acidity 3-4 pH.
  • Can give minimal shrinkage during wear due to the fact that it is elastic.
  • The consistency is medium, self-leveling.
  • Provides wearability without flaking for 3-4 weeks.
  • It has a neutral smell.
  • Suitable as a substrate for all types of coating.
  • Ideal for building up on gel tips.
  • Can emit heat and burn on traumatized and very thin nails. This base does not burn on healthy nails. It is hypoallergenic.
  • It is well removed both by sawing and by liquid.
  • Does not flow and self-levels very quickly.
  • The power of the drying lamp is 48 W (it should be only the original lamp).
  • The basic rule for leveling is that the thickness should be 1-1.5 mm on the end.

Application method:
1. Removal.
2. We do not dust the shape of the nail. Or we leave a spare 2 mm of length, which we dust and take away after leveling.
3. With a file of 220 grit, file the nail from above without strong pressure, lifting the scales of the nail plate, or use a buff of 100 grit.
4. Manicure.
5. If you work with removers, you need to wash your hands with soap and water after using them.
6. Nail degreasing. It is necessary to make two approaches. We use 4 napkins. One napkin for 5 fingers. The first approach is to wipe the surface of the nail. The second approach is to take an orange stick, put on a napkin and wipe everything in the cuticle area and in the sinuses.
7. Dehydrator.
8. Apply ultrabond/primer from Lunamoon. Before applying, it is important to wipe the brush with a lint-free cloth, thus removing all excess from it. With a semi-dry brush, apply ultrabond on 5 fingers (free edge and side parallels). Wait 1 minute for the ultrabond to be absorbed into the nail. But it is not necessary, the base wears well even without primer and ultrabond.
9. Lining with Rubber base Lunamoon. Best applied with a flat gel brush. Movements should be rubbing. It is important to draw all sinuses of the nail. Dry for 30 seconds.
10. Wipe off stickiness.
11. Rubber base alignment. Dry in the lamp for 60 seconds.
12. Dusting of the form after alignment. This is necessary so that a thickness is formed on the end that will hold the free edge.
13. After dusting, wipe off the stickiness and cover with gel polish or camouflage base in a thin layer.
14. Apply top coat and dry for 120 seconds. After drying, do not wipe with anything, because the shine may be lost.

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