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Marathon 3/H37L1 Champion Nail Drill Original

Marathon 3/H37L1 Champion Nail Drill Original

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The original MARATHON 3 CHAMPION milling cutter with H37L1 handle is one of the most popular and well-known models from Saeyang Microtech. The Marathon Champion device is used both for manicures and pedicures.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the H37L1 handle with 35,000 thousand revolutions. Thanks to the strong, but light plastic, it has a light weight, only 208 grams. The low level of vibrations allows you to perform precise movements without strain. Cooling prevents overheating and provides comfort during long procedures.

The Twist-Lock lock ensures a quick change of the cutter. The spiral cable is convenient because it does not get tangled and does not interfere during work. Thanks to all this, the pen does not tire the master's hand during work. 

We draw your attention to the fact that only original pens officially imported to Ukraine have Ukraine marking

The unit of the Marathon 3 Champion device has a pleasant and quite ergonomic design that looks organic at the workplace. Its power is 45 W, enough to allow the micromotor to reveal its potential. The speed control knob is on the front, while the power buttons, knob connector and reverse switch are on the side. On the rear part of the block there is a socket for the pedal and a switch in foot mode. On the top cover, holes are carefully made, which serve as stands for cutters.

A successful combination of excellent characteristics, high quality and reliability provides Fraser with a marathon recognition of masters not only in Ukraine, but also in more than 100 countries of the world. The original Marathon Champion is the choice of professionals who respect and appreciate their work.

The marathon professional cutter, sometimes erroneously called marafon, has been a leader among manicurists for many years and does not lose its position, because it has no competitors, you can see this thanks to the many reviews on our website.

Concise characteristics of the original MARATHON 3 CHAMPION router:

  • The maximum speed is up to 35,000 rpm.
  • Power 45 W.
  • Develops torque up to 2.9 N/cm.
  • The presence of a reverse.
  • Active cooling of the micromotor.
  • Low level of noise and vibrations.
  • Shank 2.35 mm.

Complete set of  the Marathon milling machine :

  • Control unit.
  • Micromotor handle.
  • A cup and a stand for a pen.
  • Collet wrench.
  • The instruction is in Ukrainian.
  • Warranty card from an official authorized service center.
  • Certificate.

Official warranty:

  • 12 months.
  • The milling machine is completely original, manufactured in Korea. 
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