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Nail dust collector with filter Air Max Vf 10 Silver

Nail dust collector with filter Air Max Vf 10 Silver

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Air Max VF 10 Tornado ( MNF) hood for manicure with a built-in filter is a built-in hood with a filter that is mounted on the table. The advantage of the filter is that it absorbs 99.99% of dust and the smallest particles. Complete with a German engine and a Korean filter.

High productivity, along with a large number of revolutions, ensures effective absorption of not only small, but also large particles that are formed in the process of sawdust and removal of various types of coatings.

Powerful 66.24 W fan. has a capacity of up to 800 cubic meters per hour, while it develops up to 3100 revolutions per minute. This is a really powerful model, so even fine dust simply does not have time to rise into the air.

It has a smooth start of the engine within 6 seconds, which allows you to reduce the load on the engine and significantly increases its service life.

Complete with a Korean filter, it is very easy to work with it. It only takes one movement to remove it for cleaning, and you will not need any special tools, it can be shaken out and cleaned with a small brush.

The body is made of strong plastic, designed compactly, it is placed under the table and securely fixed with self-tapping screws. The design is classic, laconic with an emphasis on practicality.

Two configuration options (to choose from):

  • Table plate made of durable ABS plastic, 3 mm thick, with a chrome grill.
  • One-piece plate made of stainless steel, only 1 mm thick.

The built-in hood for manicure with a filter is a faithful assistant of the master, because its use will allow you to easily keep the workplace clean and make work safe and comfortable for both the master himself and his clients.

The best option for a manicurist who works in a salon is a built-in hood with a filter. Because it will ensure cleanliness and does not take up space. It does not need a separate shelf for storage, it does not need to be cleaned and put on the table. It is always at hand, which speeds up work.

Over 20,000 nail masters already use AIR MAX manicure hoods not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS and EU. International recognition of craftsmen is the best confirmation of the quality of our products!

It has a power supply type of 110W - 240W, which will allow it to be used in any country.

Brief characteristics of the Air Max VF 10 TORNADO :

  • Power 66.24 W.
  • Maximum revolutions 3100 rpm.
  • Productivity up to 800 cubic meters per hour.
  • Noise level up to 62 dB.
  • Smooth speed control.
  • The engine is assembled in Germany, by special order for AIR MAX, equipped with a SIEMENS microprocessor. 
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • The kit includes 1 replaceable filter (made in Korea).


  • Length 29 cm
  • Width 26.5 cm
  • Height 11 cm

How to care for the filter:

  • Cleaning should be done with any narrow brush.
  • Remember, you cannot wet the filter!
  • The life of the filter depends on the intensity of use, with a daily full charge, it lasts up to 2 months.
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