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Nailapex Acrylic Powder (transparent), 10g

Nailapex Acrylic Powder (transparent), 10g

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The NailApex Professional company presents acrylic transparent powder of the finest grinding.

The powder is intended for:
* strengthening of natural nails (sprinkle the non-dried base with a large amount of powder, the base will absorb the necessary amount of powder, and the rest is easily shaken back into the container, and then dried).

* for acrylic modeling (powder + monomer);

* for a velvet design (draw the desired design with gel paint and sprinkle it with acrylic powder, dry it, shake the rest with a brush into a container with powder, you get a voluminous velvet design);

* for a matte coating with a shimmer (mix acrylic powder with any fine rub, sprinkle freshly applied non-dried top, dry, shake the rest with a brush into a container);

Acrylic powder has increased strength.

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