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Nailapex Air Paint Gel 5 Black, 5g

Nailapex Air Paint Gel 5 Black, 5g

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Designed for drawing any kind of painting, for three-dimensional drawings and monograms, as well as for a gradient in one layer, you can use it to draw and create different designs:


▫️painted Chinese;

▫️floral Provence;

▫️art painting;

▫️patterns and monograms;

▫️surround designs;

▫️the most favorite and GRADIENT in one layer

Air gel paint has a dense structure and excellent pigmentation. With the help of air gel paint, you can draw voluminous elements on top of the top.
Suitable for drawing monograms, for Chinese painting, for aeropuffing and other types of designs.

Drying time is 3 minutes.

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