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Nailapex Coconut Milk Base Soak Off, 15 ml

Nailapex Coconut Milk Base Soak Off, 15 ml

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Coconut Base Neylapx delicate milky pink color. The base is designed to cover natural nails. 

Advantages of the Milky Base: pleasant milky shade;
rubber base; reduced time spent on a milky design;
easy to apply;
does not require overlapping with a flower bed;
does not require a transparent substrate;
jar WITHOUT a brush in the volume of 30ml, a jar with a brush in the volume of 15ml;
medium thickness;
medium hardness, so it does not shrink;
self-levelling; suitable for all types of nail plate;
If your light gel polish streaks, apply any milk base from our collection before it (milk base, milk base shimmer, coconut milk base), and you will be surprised how easy to work with now. Masks the imperfections of the nail plate, does not require gel polish!   Steps for applying the Neylapex Base: Prepare the nail plate in the standard way;
Apply nail prep Nailapex, let it dry for 20 seconds;
Apply a thin layer of Ultrabond Nailapex (dry for 30 seconds on air );
Apply French Base Gel in a thin layer and smooth (dry 1 min. in Led CCFL / 2 min. in UV lamp);
Coat with any top Nailapex.
IMPORTANT TO KNOW Dairy Base should not be dried in very powerful lamps. When dried in a powerful lamp, the base turns yellow. But by reducing the power of the lamp, the Dairy Base returns its milky white color within a day.

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