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Nailapex Easy Fast Gel 1, 15 ml

Nailapex Easy Fast Gel 1, 15 ml

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Easy Fast Gel  is a hard, structural, liquid gel for strengthening and growing nails. It has the consistency of a base and is therefore especially good for the "dustless" technique, as it is perfectly self-leveling and does not spread.

Modeling gel Easy Fast Nailapex  does NOT  burn That is very comfortable when working with a client.

It is necessary to apply a thin layer of base under the gel. Bases such as Light Base Nailapex or Universal Base Nailapex can be used under it.

The Easy Fast gel has a lot of stickiness, so it is better to remove it before coating with color.

The gel dries in an LED lamp for at least 3 minutes.

The gel is presented in two volumes:

  • in a volume of 15 g - with a brush;
  • in a volume of 30 g - without a brush.
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