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Nailapex French Base 2, 15 ml

Nailapex French Base 2, 15 ml

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Favorite, camouflaging, strengthening base  French Base Gel  Nailapex in a beautiful pink color.

Advantages  of the French Base :

  • rubber base;
  • does not flow into the side rollers;
  • easy to apply;
  • does not require overlapping with a flower bed;
  • a jar WITHOUT a brush in the volume of 30 ml, a jar with a brush in a volume of 15 ml;
  • medium density;
  • self-levelling;
  • suitable for all types of nail plate;

Masks the flaws of the nail plate, does not require covering with gel polish. 

Stages of applying Nailapex Base:

  1. We prepare the nail plate in a standard way;
  2. Apply nail prep Nailapex and let it dry for 20 seconds;
  3. Apply the thinnest layer of Ultrabond Nailapex (dry for 30 seconds in the air);
  4. Apply French Base Gel in a thin layer and level it (dry for 1 min. in Led CCFL / 2 min. in UV lamp);
  5. Cover with any Nailapex top.
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