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Paloma Winter Builder Gel No. G009, 30 ml

Paloma Winter Builder Gel No. G009, 30 ml

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Try Paloma Winter Builder Gel, the premium solution for nail extensions and repair. Experience high-density, 100% solid gel technology. Thicker consistency with self-leveling qualities, that doesn't flow - ideal for professional nail care. This builder gel is UV and LED compatible, suitable for all nail lengths, and designed to protect against bending or breaking. No sawdust is required. The unique deep effect created by big shining particles adds a radiant winter glow. Enjoy the perfect delicate palette of trendy shades to match your style, or experiment with unusual shimmering effects for French manicures. The Builder Gel Winter is also magnificent as a standalone coating.

Enhance your nail elegance this season with this essential winter choice!

Cruelty free.
Made in USA.

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