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Patrisa Nail Rubber Cream Gel Nude, 30g

Patrisa Nail Rubber Cream Gel Nude, 30g

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Camouflage gel constructing pink-beige (30 g.), used for nail extensions and strengthening of the natural nail plate.

A sensation in the world of nail modeling is a rubber gel in a Rubber Cream Gel tube from Patrisa Nail!

We are not just keeping up with the times, we are ahead! And we can say this with confidence, because you have not worked with such material yet! You can even put aside the gel brushes, you won't need them anymore! Rubber Cream Gel is a solid gel of the second phase based on rubber, masterfully combining the characteristics of solid and flexible materials, perfectly strengthening and modeling.

The main advantage of Rubber Cream Gel, among other things, is the consistency and method of application. Laying out the material from a tube with a narrow spout occurs without using a brush at all, and the creamy consistency of the gel does not allow the material to spread, while perfectly self-leveling.

Rubber Cream Gel is available in two shades with a high degree of pigmentation – soft pink Natural and universal Nude.

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