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Patrisa Nail

Patrisa Nail Rubber Base Prima, 16 ml

Patrisa Nail Rubber Base Prima, 16 ml

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Prima base is a liquid consistency rubber base that is very easy to work with due to its properties.

One of the most universal bases, suitable as:

- independent base for gel polish for short and medium length nails;

ndercoat for camouflage bases;

-Undercoat for gels;

-Undercoat for Kombi Gel (thick);

-Undercoat for Kombi Gel Liquid (liquid);

-For pedicures, as it does not create unnecessary volume on the nail plate.

Main characteristics of Prima Base:

    • Liquid consistency;


  • Medium viscosity;

  • Plastic and soft (it bends in a thin layer, but does not break or crack);

  • The special formula of the Prima base allows the coating to be as elastic as possible, but at the same time durable;

  • Multifunctional;

  • The high degree of adhesion guarantees a quality bond to the nail plate;

  • Prima has instant self-levelling;

  • The liquid composition guarantees the economic use of the material;

The base is fast drying and sets already in 15 seconds. *Complete polymerization occurs in 30 seconds in an LED lamp.

Prima base is formulated with 9FREE, which means that allergic reactions are excluded!

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