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Shelly Antifungal Prophylactic Agent For Toes and Nail Plate, 100 ml

Shelly Antifungal Prophylactic Agent For Toes and Nail Plate, 100 ml

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Shelly™ professional product for toes and nail plate has a strong disinfecting and antifungal effect. Thanks to a balanced complex of powerful natural components, the spray provides effective protection of the skin of the feet and the interdigital area from infections, helps to prevent the conditions for their development. Refreshes the skin, prevents excessive sweating.

Farnesol in the composition of the product has pronounced disinfectant properties, effectively suppresses and blocks the activity of fungi and bacteria. Prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor, controls and regulates secretion production. Tea tree essential oil has an antibacterial effect, promotes healing of injuries, eliminates irritation and inflammation.

Properties of the tool

  • effectively destroys pathogenic bacteria;
  • prevents the development of mycosis and other infectious diseases caused by fungus;
  • reduces irritation, redness and discomfort;
  • maintains an optimal level of sweating; prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors;
  • has a refreshing and deodorizing effect.

Main purposes

  • used to protect feet, fingers and nail plate from fungus and other infections;
  • effective for the prevention of bacterial infections when visiting swimming pools, saunas, baths, gyms and sports halls;
  • positively contributes to the treatment of peeling, redness and irritation of the skin and interdigital spaces;
  • used for increased sweating.

The spray begins to work instantly, guaranteeing a feeling of freshness and a high level of protection against fungus throughout the day. The tool is suitable for professional and home use.

Application method

Apply the product on clean, dry skin of the feet, wait until it dries completely.

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