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Shelly Firming Nail Balm with Bisabolol and Eucalyptus, 15 ml

Shelly Firming Nail Balm with Bisabolol and Eucalyptus, 15 ml

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A thin, damaged nail plate and a dry, rigid cuticle will not allow you to make a high-quality manicure, contributing to the appearance of cracks and delamination. The strengthening balm Shelly ™ will be an excellent assistant in their recovery and nutrition. It improves the appearance of nails and makes them stronger, and the skin is smooth and healthy. It promotes rapid restoration and strengthening of the nail plate, healing of ulcers and microcracks on the skin. It will help to easily take care of the flawless appearance of the nail plates even at home, leaving the delamination and fragility in the past.

The complex of active components has an effective effect on nails and cuticles:

  • bisabolol has a calming effect, reduces inflammatory processes, heals damaged areas; inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • eucalyptus essential oil has an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, accelerates tissue regeneration, strengthens the structure of nails;
  • lavender essential oil helps to heal small cracks, nourishes and moisturizes the skin;
  • rosemary essential oil effectively softens roughened skin areas, stimulates nail growth, relieves inflammation of the periarticular rollers and protects against germs;
  • Vitamin E prevents the appearance of cracks and delamination, restores damaged and weak nails.

With Shelly ™ balm, your nails will always be strong and your hands well-groomed. The product has a pleasant consistency, is easy to apply and quickly absorbed into the skin. Suitable for home and professional care.

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