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Shelly Nourishing Foot Cream (Macadamia Oil and Eucalyptus Extract), 200 ml

Shelly Nourishing Foot Cream (Macadamia Oil and Eucalyptus Extract), 200 ml

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Shelly ™ cream has a delicate structure and is easily absorbed. The product is recommended for foot skin care, which needs intensive nutrition and increased elasticity. The unique complex of active ingredients included in the cream strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, nourishes and softens it, restoring the epidermis and giving it elasticity. Due to regular use, the skin of the feet is restored and becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The complex of active ingredients effectively affects the skin of the feet:
Macadamia oil provides intense hydration of the skin, has a softening and soothing effect; restores the softness and tenderness of the skin; stimulates microcerculation of the blood and restores the protective functions of the epidermis;
Eucalyptus extract has an excellent bactericidal, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect; strengthens the structure of nails and helps to get rid of fungus;
Allantoin stimulates regenerative processes in skin cells, as a result of which it is restored and becomes well-groomed;
Shea butter restores the loss of amino acids, soothes damaged skin areas, promotes their healing; deeply nourishes the epidermis, increases its elasticity.

The product has a pleasant aroma and delicate structure, leaves no traces of stickiness after use. The skin becomes smooth, silky and well-groomed. The cream is suitable for home and professional care, can be used for foot massage.

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