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Shelly Peeling-Roll For Hands And Feet (Rose Hydrolat, Pomegranate Extract and Aha-Acids), 200 ml

Shelly Peeling-Roll For Hands And Feet (Rose Hydrolat, Pomegranate Extract and Aha-Acids), 200 ml

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The skin of the hands and feet becomes dry and dehydrated, resulting in peeling, which not only worsens the external condition of the skin, but also causes a lot of discomfort. To get rid of dead skin cells and give the skin a well-groomed look, Shelly brand specialists have released a peeling roll for hands and feet. The principle of operation of the latest tool: unlike conventional exfoliants, Shelly peeling has a rolling property that gently exfoliates dead skin cells of the epidermis. The product does not contain abrasive particles, has a delicate and gentle effect on the skin and allows you to use peeling without discomfort. The composition of the product is enriched with a complex of aha-acids (glycolic, tartaric, citric), which gently remove the top layer of keratinized skin, soften hardened areas and promote accelerated regeneration of the epidermis. Rose hydrolateprevents dryness and tightness, and pomegranate extract evens out tone and improves microcirculation. Immediately after use, the skin will become smooth and silky, and further care products will work more effectively.

Peeling-roll for hands and feet with rose hydrosol, pomegranate extract and aha-acids Shelly 200 ml:

  • has a pleasant gel consistency;
  • does not contain abrasive particles;
  • has an exfoliating effect due to the complex of aha-acids;
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • gently exfoliates dead skin cells without damaging the epidermis;
  • eliminates the feeling of tightness and dryness;
  • evens out skin tone and helps to eliminate age spots;
  • gives the skin silkiness and softness;
  • suitable for both home and professional use in salons.

Mode of application

Apply the peeling roll to clean skin of the hands/feet, massage with intense circular motions for several minutes until the product is completely rolled off. Wash off with water. After peeling, apply hand/foot cream.

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