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Shelly Soft Blade Cuticle Remover, 30 ml

Shelly Soft Blade Cuticle Remover, 30 ml

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A well–groomed cuticle is one of the steps to a perfect manicure and pedicure. A high-quality professional product from TM Shelly helps to quickly soften the cuticle and prepare it for removal with a stick or pusher. The composition of the product includes active alkaline components that provide effective softening of roughened skin, allow you to delicately and easily remove the cuticle, giving an attractive and neat appearance. The remover speeds up the manicure and pedicure process and makes it more qualitative. It promotes long-term hydration and increases skin elasticity. Regular use of the product maintains the optimal condition of the nail plate and the skin around it. The effect is noticeable immediately after use.

Features of the Cuticle remover Soft blade Shelly 30 ml:

  • provides instant softening of the cuticle;
  • prepares the cuticle for removal with a stick or pusher;
  • does not harm the nail plate and skin;
  • does not cause discomfort during application;
  • leaves the skin optimally hydrated at all stages of the procedure;
  • it is easy to apply;

Suitable for home and professional use.

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