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Shelly Soft Blade - Gel-keratolytic For Local Use, 100 ml

Shelly Soft Blade - Gel-keratolytic For Local Use, 100 ml

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A high-quality professional remedy for alkaline pedicure from TM Shelly helps to soften the roughened dry skin of the feet, promotes easy removal of calluses and corns. The gel contains active alkaline components that contribute to the rapid softening of corns and dry calluses. With any kind of pedicure, it accelerates the treatment of roughened areas. It promotes long-term hydration and increases skin elasticity, which enhances the regeneration of skin cells. After the first application, the result is noticeable. The skin becomes soft and supple.

How to use:

apply the product on a lint-free cloth and apply it to the problem area, avoiding contact with healthy areas. after 5-10 minutes, remove the remnants of corns or calluses with a pedicure grater. after the end of the procedure, rinse with water or treat with tm shelly "universal neutralizer". Apply a moisturizer.

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