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Smart Micellar Wipes, 50 pieces

Smart Micellar Wipes, 50 pieces

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Micellar wet wipes for smart pedicure, manicure and makeup removal SmartMaster Micellar Water are the most delicate cotton wipes soaked in micellar water.

They perfectly cleanse the skin from dirt and dust during professional pedicure: as an antiseptic, deodorant, odor neutralizer, as a light moisturizing tonic after pedicure and for cleansing the face and hands of the master after the procedure.

Smart wipes clean and destroy bacteria and fungus, as well as neutralize the smell of sweat and eliminate excess moisture in hyperhidrosis of the feet.

Smart wipes can also be used as regular wet wipes for cleansing and skin care of the face, hands and body. However, unlike conventional wet wipes, smart wipes do not contain alcohol, soap, water, sulfates and parabens, which negatively affect the quality of the skin and have a moisturizing effect only before the water dries.

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