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Table Led Lamp 9503

Table Led Lamp 9503

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Before using the lamp, please read the following instructions.


  1. Voltage: AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz
  2. Power: 24W (117 PCS SMD LED)

How to use:

Clamp the bracket to the edge of any horizontal surface which you have chosen. Insert the bottom stem of the arm into the hole in the bracket. Plug in the lamp.

How to dimming:

  1. Step dimming switch

ON-100%-75%-50%-25%- OFF(The data is approximate)

  1. Double-click on the closed
  2. If the power is not unplugged,Our lamp has the function of power memory. When it restarts, first time we press the button, the dimming switch is the one before the power failure.
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